What to Do if Your Dog Is Exposed to Toxins or Poison

Toxic and poisonous substances are more common than you think. Humans may know not to ingest them, but your dog is often none the wiser when it comes to these things. A curious pup may have found itself licking around a poisonous plant or some unsupervised cleaning supplies! You should be prepared if your dog is exposed to any poison or toxins and know what to do in that scenario! 


Stay Calm and Identify

If you believe your dog has been exposed to something toxic or poisonous, the last thing you should do is panic. Stay calm and quickly identify what your dog has come in contact with, as this will help your vet treat it. Knowledge is power in this scenario, and the more information you can provide, the more your vet can do for your pup. Investigate where the dog has been and where they usually go. Look for any chewed-up items, suspicious animals or insects, leftover chemicals, or even gas in the air. Anything that you think might be poisonous and they came in contact with, it's best to report it to the veterinarian providing care. 


Go See a Vet

It is always best to be safe. If you believe your dog was exposed to toxins or poison, you should take them to a veterinarian. Don't wait for them to show signs that they have been poisoned, as time is of the essence. For particularly powerful poisons, when your dog is showing symptoms, it may already be too late to save them. Call your local vet or emergency animal hospital and tell them what happened. They can give you advice on what to do to increase their chances of making a recovery.


Emergency Care

If you live far from a vet or don't have immediate access to a ride going there, you may need to provide some emergency care to buy your pooch some time. Call your vet first and ask them what you should do while waiting. They may advise you to force your dog to vomit. This induced vomiting is typically done using hydrogen peroxide, and your vet will instruct you on what to do. If they come in contact with a toxin or poison, your vet may require you to give them a bath to get rid of it and slow down the harmful substance.


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