How Can You Tell if Your Dog's Poop is Healthy?

While the subject of poop may be unflattering to most, it still stands as a concise way to gauge the health of your pup. Undoubtedly, by looking at your dog’s stool, you will be able to gain insight into potential health problems your vet might not have noticed. So what does a healthy dog’s poop look like? Continue below to recognize the five essential parts of a healthy dog’s stool.

The baseline stool you should expect your pup to be depositing should be a healthy chocolate brown. But there’s more to it than just color! Here are the five qualities of canine poop you should be able to recognize:


  • Color: As mentioned above, your dog’s poop should be chocolate brown. Know that if your dog has eaten food with added colors - those qualities may be expressed in your puppy's stool.


  • Shape: Your pup’s stool should be in the general shape of a log. If your dog’s poop appears round - it could be an indicator of dehydration. 


  • Consistency: A healthy pup’s poop should have a compact and moist consistency. A stool that is watery or hard to scoop up on a walk is an indicator of intestinal difficulties.


  • Size: A good rule of thumb: your dog’s stool size should be proportional to the amount of food consumed. Be mindful that increased fiber content can result in larger poops. 


  • Content: The presence of mucus or grass is a good indicator that your dog’s stomach isn’t feeling well. Additionally, if your dog’s stool includes white rice-like bits - it could be a sign of intestinal worms. 


Your dog’s stool isn't just a mess to pick up, but a clear view into their physical health. If your dog’s stool significantly differs from the criteria of healthy stool - consider visiting your local vet for a consultation. 


We’ll Take Care of Your Pet at Windmill Veterinary Center

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Understand what qualities define a healthy dog’s poop. For all your pet medical needs, visit Windmill Veterinary Center for lightning-fast treatment and superior care.

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