Doggy Dental Care in Prosper

Regular brushing is an essential part of the reason for pet ownership. Sadly many owners disregard this fact and let their dog’s teeth rot out. The signature sign of dental neglect is the presence of foul smell breath. If your pup is suffering from dental disease, it’s time to learn the basics of why a lack of dental hygiene can cause a world of trouble for both you and your pup. 


A lack of dental hygiene in pets can lead to a host of problematic symptoms such as the following:


  • Oral and Bodily Infections: Infections that occur in the moth are due to the unmitigated build-up of bacteria. These pathogens result in eh build-up of plague which coats the teeth in sickly grime. If left untreated, your dog will develop more serious conditions such as gingivitis and internal organ damage.



  • Bad Breath: Bad breath is the herald of dental disease and signs that medical intervention is necessary to prevent gum disease and bone degradation. 


Choosing a Dentist for Your Dog

Selecting a clinic that will support your dog’s teeth is a key part of pet ownership. 

If you’re looking for a trusted and reliable dentist in the Prosper area, look no further than Windmill Veterinary Center.  


Take care of your pup’s pearly whites from puppyhood to adult life! Contact us today to learn more and to schedule an appointment.


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